Kate Stewart, Ph.D.

Kate Stewart has dedicated her adult life to helping people untangle conflicts and communication snafus. Whether it's friction in the workplace, missed opportunities due to dysfunction in the organization, or personal disagreement, she and her team can help. 

Kate earned a PhD in Communication Studies from the University of Texas at Austin, where she focused on conflict talk, organizational communication, and language & culture. While there, she completed the Graduate Portfolio in Dispute Resolution and researched mediation and conflict narratives.  Her  MBA and MA in Middle Eastern Studies are also from the University of Texas at Austin. She performed research on the impact of culturally-determined communication styles on negotiation with a focus on Sabra Israeli and Arab styles.  Her undergraduate degree is in Cultural Anthropology and Linguistics from the University of Florida.

Kate her team thrive wherever communication, culture, and/or conflict intersect, and that’s pretty much everywhere and most of the time. Kate teaches Negotiation and Conflict Management at the U.S. Army University for Foreign Military and Cultural Studies at Ft. Leavenworth, the premiere institution for education in Red Teaming. She has taught Negotiation and Mediation in leading higher education institutions, including the graduate business schools of the University of Texas at Austin and Tec de Monterrey (EGADE).

Her teaching and training experience covers undergraduate and graduate, military and civilian, national and international, public and private sector, and mom & pop small business to Fortune 50 companies.  She has performed over 100 mediations, and has taught Mediation to several hundred people and Negotiation, Collaboration Skills, and Conflict Management to several thousand. She presents at national conferences, teaches workshops and seminars, and coaches individual leaders.

Kate  co-founded and directed the University of Texas at Austin Conflict Resolution Center and Project on Conflict Resolution and served as a Conflict Management Consultant for the University of Texas System and University of Texas at Houston School of Public Health. She learned from the best during her 5-year tenure in the leadership team of Chorda Conflict Management, the premiere early dispute resolution system design firm. 

Her professional career also includes embedding with the military in Afghanistan for a year as a civilian social scientist, founding a nonprofit to spark a regional innovation ecosystem, and serving as an outsourced organizational ombudsman.

Kate supports all types of people and organizations. Her unique background allows her to provide specialized expertise to organizations and groups in the defense, innovation, service, and government sectors and to environments characterized by high uncertainty and/or cultural diversity.

Kate lives in Bozeman, Montana, where she enjoys nature up close and personal in Big Sky Country.