Building individual, team, and organizational resilience and collaborative strength


      Iron Scaffold  LLC                                                                        Kate Stewart, PhD



       * Negotiation Training                * Mediation Services                     * Facilitation                         * Leader Coaching

    *  Early Dispute Resolution System Design                             * Collaboration & Conflict Management Skills Training                                                                   



For over two decades, I've helped leaders and organizations manage conflict and improve negotiation and collaboration skills.  Increased employee satisfaction, enhanced performance, and a healthier bottom line are outcomes of my work. 



As an expert in the whole range of collaborative conflict managment processes, and as one of the world's few narrative mediation experts, I'm able to customize our approach to your situation, objectives, and budget. I teach in leading graduate schools and to for-profit, not-for-profit, and governmental organizations.

With degrees in Cultural Anthropology, Business Administration, and Organizational Communication, I know the theory behind the practice. More importantly, I listen. This allows me to effectively partner with leaders and engage employees and other stakeholders so that the very best possible outcomes are achieved. 

Whether you seek skills training for your staff or hands-on conflict management assistance, I'm happy to help.